Commitment of Hokunyu (Hokkaido Dairy Products)Pursue to security and safety

We meet the trust of customers with quality management by all employees

Hygiene management, quality control, and safety measures of Hokkaido Dairy Products are carried out based on HACCP obtained approval in 1998.

Herewith, we will thoroughly inspect and record the hygiene of
equipments and facilities in the factory, employee training, production processes, raw materials, products and will strive to improve the quality.
Through activities mentioned below, all employees are always trying to "ascertain the quality".

"5S management", "Improvement of indications by factory patrol",
"Measures against insect repellent and anti-mouse",
"Lecturers from outside, workshops on hygiene and washing by professional agents"

Hokkaido Dairy Products has acquired
international standard "FSSC 22000"

The Hakodate factory of Hokkaido Dairy Products has acquired certification of international standard "FSSC 22000" for food safety management in July 2012.
It is the first acquisition as a dairy products maker in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido Dairy Products will heighten the awareness of hygiene management and will continue to provide safe and secure products.

The HACCP certification
Proof of the quality guarantee
of Hokkaido Dairy Products

The HACCP mark is a food sanitation management system approved by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare,
Hokkaido Dairy has been approved for HACCP in each field of milk, skimmed milk powder, cream, yogurt.
It is the proof of the quality guarantee of Hokkaido Dairy Products.

Hokkaido Dairy Products has acquired "ISO 14001: 2004” certification of Environmental Management System .

Head office and factory of Hokkaido Dairy Products have acquired ISO 14001: 2004 "Environmental Management System" in October 2010.
Hokkaido Dairy Products has been making products cherishing the beautiful land of Hokkaido as well as delivering safe and hygienic dairy products.