Luxury cream cheese produced in Hokkaido

We created it with entirely (100%) of good quality raw milk produced in the great nature of Hokkaido, where the vast land spreads.
It is a luxurious cream cheese with elegant, smooth melting in the mouth and rich flavor.

Luxury taste 1

100% use of raw milk produced in Hokkaido

The reason for deliciousness is the quality of raw milk.
The vast land and cool climate of Hokkaido is said to be the most suitable environment for dairy farming.
It is a cream cheese made from luxurious 100% of fresh raw milk boasting a stable quality based on "good soil, good grass, good cow"

Luxury taste 2

Creamy and mild melting in the mouth

As soon as we eat it we feel elegant and creamy smoothness and it melts in the mouth with a mild and rich flavor.
The key factor for its elegant smoothness is fresh raw milk.
We produce raw cream at our plant located in Hokkaido and we can use it for the cheese.
Even children as well as adult will eat it pleasantly.
It is the most suitable cream cheese for spending luxurious and enjoyable time.

Luxury taste 3

The original taste of the material can be tasted by reducing salt.

In order to enjoy the natural flavor of the material, Luxe is made according to reducing salt recipe.
By fermenting with four kinds of blended lactic acid bacteria and reducing salt, we finish it with a mellow flavor without harsh taste.
We aimed to produce tasty cream cheese from raw milk produced in Hokkaido that was aged with lactic acid bacteria of our own choice.

Luxury taste 4

For making sweets and cooking as well

With the original taste and flavor of materials and characteristics which is mild and very easy-to-process, it has long been a favorite at pastry shops and restaurants.
Please taste the luxurious taste at home that professional appreciates.
This cheese can meet the needs of various uses such as, “wanting to make authentic cheese cake a little different from usual, to enjoy eating it comfortably at party with everyone.”
That is to say, LUXE is a multi-functional material.
Even just topping in regular dishes can make a dish extra luxurious.